House Boat Conversion

After Etive Shearwaters retirement from ferry service in 2002, a large amount of conversion work was carried out on her superstructure. She was also modified below decks with the installment of a larger galley, hot water system, bath, and space was made for beds to be placed. In this period it is believed she had two owners, the Gentleman who converted her, and then later a family.


Not a great deal is currently known about Shearwater in this time, although a few leads are being followed up. But it is not known for certain who the Gentleman was who converted her, or indeed the family who lived aboard her, as time goes by this becomes more and more the only real mystery to her past by her current ownership.

What is known is that after the family no longer stayed aboard, she was sold on. She then found herself traveling back down the Caledonian Canal to reside on Loch Ness. Laying at a mooring for around five years here, and being maintained with a view to restoration. After this time however the decision was taken to sell her on.