Crew Quarters


The Crew Quarters

At a time when the majority of Royal Navy ships still accommodated its crews in Hammocks and Cots, HDML’s provided its crew, officers and ratings alike, with wooden framed bunks and mattresses.



This was arranged for the junior ratings Fwd in a comparatively spacious combined mess deck and dining hall with a drop leaf table, and fold away bunks, these also doubled as seating when stowed, this is common in the small RN Ships of today such as minesweepers and until recently in frigates and destroyers. The Fwd compartment also housed the Galley, with a solid fuel stove, sink and storage for provisions.

Moving aft one rating would be berthed in the chart house, this would have either been the Navigators Yeoman, or in later days a Survey Rating.


Over and past the engine room and down the after hatch you would find the Petty Officers mess to Port, with two folding bunks and its own heads facility, to Starboard the radio room.


Then walking aft you enter the Wardroom, this accommodated the Commanding Officer and his 1st Officer. Both had a folding bunk to Port and Starboard, it had its own drop leaf table and separate heads and shower compartment. Also in the wardroom was the ships safe, for holding important orders and other documents as well as the officers sidearms when not required.