Her Story

Her Story

Last year I found a WW2 Harbour Defence Motor Launch in very serious peril of being cut up for fire wood, purely because no one wanted her, or would transport her from Loch Ness.

She served her country in WW2, including mine-sweeping prior to, and then patrolling the channel during and after D Day, hunting U-Boats and providing anti aircraft cover.

Following the war she served in the Royal Navy until 1959 as a Survey ship, recharting many water ways. After 1959 she was sold on and employed as a Ferry operating off the West coast of Scotland, supplying the islands that depended on her, doing the Mail run, bringing provisions and providing a much appreciated watering hole!

Having bought Shearwater I have arranged transport for her closer to home, where myself and a few friends are going to restore her, she requires repairs to her deck, superstructure, wiring and I have replacement engines that require fitting.

Whilst we are committing our time and what funds we have, we want to do her justice and buy the correct materials and restore her to the way she appeared during the war, retaining what is left of her ferry service days.

Once complete I aim to run her as a living piece of history, to be a reminder of the sacrifices made by so many.It is also hoped that once running again she will serve as a place for ex service personnel who have found themselves alone and homeless after leaving the forces. Somewhere they can get a bunk for the night or longer in return for a little help to maintain the boat, her galley can proved them with a hot meal, get accommodation area provides a shower, and place to clean their clothes, then at a suitable time we can help them back into society, giving them a starting place and stability to look for work and a more permanent home.

By working with forces charities we can get them the support they need whilst providing them with a roof and bed space that would otherwise cost large amounts, and often not be available, also giving a military environment, with the camaraderie and familiarity that they will know and understand, these unfortunate veterans will readily be able to fit in onboard.

This is a little way in the future yet, to get there as quickly as possible, the right materials are needed to repair her as quickly and correctly as possible, copious amounts of marine plywood and mahogany planking will be required for the deck and superstructure, fittings for the rewiring and re plumbing of the engines and other areas, and a few things that are no longer onboard such as anchor chain and her ships wheel, both of which are around £500 each to replace!

If we can hit our target though, we will be well on our way to having most of what we need to get ML1085 - Etive Shearwater relaunched and running again, then the prolonged effort to get everything as she was in WW2, can be undertaken as she begins her new tasking helping her fellow veterans!

Yes! YOU can Help!

Every little bit of funding will assist us in saving this vessel.