Cooking for the Crew

The Galley on board is located on the starboard side of the Junior Rates mess, and was quite basic. The cooking facility was a cast iron solid fuel stove, similar to an Arga but only about the size of a photocopier. There is a stainless steel sink and a worktop for food preparation, the rest of the galley consisted of cupboards for dry food, and cooking utensils.

There was however a fridge provided on the Port side of the mess-deck by the after bunks. The cook would have been expected to prepare all of the meals for the crew, with the help of the steward, but his main role was to cater for the captains needs, and look after the first officer as well. In reality some of the other crew members would have mucked in to help, as this would only improve the standard of “Scran” on board. There would also on occasion be extra help with peeling the “spuds” or doing the dishes if any of the crew fell fowl of the Navy Discipline Act, and on “Puns” or “nines” for a few days punishment, no doubt to the delight of the Chef and steward, having a “Spud Tanky” to do their more menial tasks.